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  • My warmest greetings to all of you!

    The Year 2017 is nearing its end and we are very excited to welcome the New Year 2018. As always, hard work, perseverance, diligence, dedication and loyalty were the values that sustained us. So, I will take this opportunity to extend my most sincere gratitude to all my Wellness Consultant Partners, Wellness Consultants, Wellness Managers, Wellness Executives, Product Distribution Outlets and Centers and to the branches located in Davao City, Cubao, Quezon City and Naga City. Thank you very much for your exemplary performance in consistently maintaining the needed sales for the company to survive another challenging year. I truly appreciate your staying with us through the year and I, once again, request that you do the same for the coming year.

    In 2017, we had successfully celebrated the 4-day Fouth Year Anniversary in Sorsogon City; had enhanced our TV/radio programs to reach out to more people around the country; had launched the health concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral: Susi Para sa Malusog na Kabataan!” to the Department of Education, Camarines Sur; had attended the Bro. Bo Sanchez’s Superconference in Bangkok, Thailand with my Sales and Branch Managers; had continued the local and national sponsorships; had become a Conference Partner of Kerygma Conference 2017 in Manila, Visayas and Mindanao; Dr. Rhen Paragas was invited to be one of the class speakers in the health stream during the KCON 2017; I was able to launch my book, The Vision That Destined My Life Journey during the Sha Nacino’s 90-Day Book Writing Challenge; and had transferred my office from Pasay City to Unit 2012 3rd Floor New Farmer’s Plaza Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Here, our staff are more easily available and more accessible to render the services to all of you. The Head Office is also relocated at the 3r Floor of RL Building, Panganiban Drive, Lerma, Naga City.

    For 2018, our theme is: “Spreading the Amazing Benefits of Water and Minerals!” We will further intensify the spreading of our concept “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” (Water and Minerals: Solutions to Good Health!). I have noted that some Wellness Consultants do not understand the concept fully because they have not invested sufficient time to learn it completely. This lack of knowledge has not helped them achieve the success they aimed for. With the frustrations caused by their failure, some have ceased to pursue doing the business that actually grants enormous financial benefits when done properly just as it did to me for the past 13 years. It is my goal in the coming new year to push and to encourage not only the Wellness Consultants but also any individual to invest much time to master the concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” I have witnessed several Wellness Consultants help cure sick medical doctors and other medical professionals such registered nurses, dentists, physical therapists and the like because they had mastered the concept. One does not need to possess the physician’s license to prescribe purified drinking water and Ionique CMD to help our physically suffering brethren. All he/she requires is a thorough knowledge of the concept. We will be coming up with more regular health seminars that Dr. Paragas will conduct personally. Unlike in the previous years where he was based here in Naga City, he will spend more time in Quezon City so that people from all over the country may easily access his services. With this, I pray for your true success.

    I close with this prayer: Almighty Father, thank you for what you have done in my life and for using me as a steward of your wonderful creation, MRI Ionique CMD. Also, thank you Lord for giving my dream team the health concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” and “Tubig at mga Mineral: Susi Para sa Malusog na Kabataan!” Please open the door for my group to unselfishly share this with others. Prepare their hearts for this humble advocacy we wish to impart. Give us wisdom to know what to say and the courage to say it. As I speak of Your love and mighty power and all that You are doing in my life, may Your Holy Spirit help them to receive the truth for their own self. In Jesus Name. AMEN!

    Merry Christmas and a More Prosperous 2018!

    President, VER1REV Enterprise