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  • Hello everyone!

    We are presently cruising through the last days of the Year 2020. Like most of our countrymen, we also encountered several adversities caused by the SARS Coronavirus 2 pandemic and the parade of devastating storms that passed through our region. These calamities made life so difficult for most of us.

    Being able to survive these adversities, presently remaining COVID-19-free and incurring no major damage to our lives and properties, I am very grateful to our very loving God that He had wrapped His arms over us and protected us from the disastrous effects of what we had gone through.

    The pandemic scared people all over the world. Because of the scare, numerous business establishments closed shop and left many unemployed and their families starving. However, our company remained very steadfast and strong. Sales soared and our business is doing great. I take this opportunity to extend my most sincere gratitude to all my dedicated staff. Despite the danger of the pandemic, they bravely continued to serve customers online. I truly appreciate your initiative in doing your best to reach out to our needy clients.

    Despite the pandemic, our company still continues to render its medical services, courtesy of our Medical Director, Renato Paragas, M.D., the Waterdok. The free clinic has attracted numerous patients who hardly had access to their personal physicians who closed their clinics to avert getting infected with COVID-19. I also take this opportunity to extend my most sincere apology for not being able to serve our regular clients in the various cities we used to visit. I beg for your very kind understanding that the company has to comply with the health protocol imposed by the national government through the Department of Health and the Inter-Agency Task Force handling the pandemic.

    The pandemic actually has brought more blessings to the company. Aside from the increase in the sales of both IONIQUE Mineral Drops and Elemental Selenium, many have registered to become Wellness Consultants and Wellness Consultant Partners. Many have also registered to become Product Distribution Outlets. They experienced and witnessed the amazing health benefits of the concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral”.

    This coming New Year 2021, the company will introduce new products: Elemental Zinc and Copper, and elete. With their addition to our line of products, we will be able to help our ailing kababayans more effectively. Thus, I ask for your dedication, sincerity and loyalty to continue to spread our concept even if there are a few health advocates that despise our concept. The increase in the number of our clients should be our basis if we are walking through the right path to health management or not. With God’s mercy and grace, several testimonials of patients who recovered from their long-standing illnesses concur that our concept truly and effectively works.

    I conclude my message by saying, “Thank you very much to all of you for making the Year 2020 another successful year for VER1REV Enterprise despite the pandemic!” We pray that the coming New Year 2021 be safer for us to have another opportunity to gather together to celebrate our success.

    Stay safe always! Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to all!

    President, VER1REV Enterprise