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  • My warmest greetings to all!

    Finally, the last month of the year has arrived. This is the time to evaluate what had transpired through the year and assess whether the goals set for the year were successfully achieved or to devise better strategies to attain the failed targeted goals. It has been two years that the pandemic had brought havoc to economy globally. However, our company still sustains its business and I am very, very grateful that it still is very viable.

    I take this opportunity to extend my most sincere gratitude to all of you –Wellness Consultant Partners (WCPs), Wellness Consultants (WCs), Product Distribution Centers (PDCs), Product Distribution Outlets (PDOs), Company Branches, and most especially to our very loyal customers for their continuous patronage of our products despite the difficulty of earning more income caused by the pandemic.

    Thank you, Wellness Consultants and their Partners! Your trust and faith in our concept, “Tubig at mga Mineral” have continuously created a constant number of clients. Your sharing the concept has touched numerous desperate lives and made them see hope again in their hopeless agonizing lives brought about by the chronic degenerative diseases despite their regular visits to the specialists in the field. Your tedious efforts are highly acknowledged and deeply appreciated. Congratulations to all the achievers!

    Thank you, Product Distribution Channels! Your patience, dedication, devotion, loyalty and sincerity to the company is admired and valued very much. Your presence has brought more meaning to our advocacy. I elatedly have reached out to needier people with your very unselfish support. I look forward that the forthcoming year brings you more blessings so others be blessed as well.

    Thank you, my dearest Branches! The vital roles you played in keeping the company growing and progressing is very much recognized. Your partnership makes the company more awesome. Your focus on the vision and mission of the company is ultimately rewarding. Despite my physical absence for two years, your unique strategies have sustained the company’s operations despite the pandemic still lingering.

    Thank you very much to all our admirable customers. Your eternal patronage has kept us serving you more. Your countless referrals, amazing testimonials and exciting gossips have brought more clients, and this is very highly appreciated. I continue to beg for your loyalty especially during this time of the health crisis.

    I also take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Anderson Family and Mineral Resources International (MRI) that continue to supply us with the world-class, most powerful, ionic minerals that have helped countless individuals restore their lost health the past five decades. I extend my most special gratitude to Mr. Hartley Anderson and his lovable wife, Ms. Gaye, the founders of MRI. Without their discovery of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, this world would not have been healthier. The very healthy and warm business relationship we have nears the 10-year mark soon.

    In the forthcoming New Year, I will devise the needed changes that will deliver better services to all of you. Depending on the alert status of the pandemic, I will allow our Medical Director, Dr. Renato U. Paragas, The Waterdok, to resume his medical services to the various cities of the country. I am aware of the deafening call and intense demand for our Medical Director but please understand that I have to protect him because, presently, he is the only medical doctor who adopts the natural approach to disease management utilizing water and the 100 percent, natural, ionic, essential, food-grade minerals only.

    I continue to pray for the prosperity of all of you. With your prosperity, you also radiate your joy to me. I pray for the ending of this health crisis so we can come together again and celebrate our gratefulness together.
    Be blessed abundantly in the New Year 2022 and stay safe always!

    President, VER1REV Enterprise