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  • VER1REV 2004

    In July, 2004, MRI Concentrated Mineral Drops (MRI-CMD) was introduced to Ms. Vernie O. Velasquez, an elementary school teacher, in a bus on her way home to Bicol from her vacation in Davao Oriental. During that time, she was very desperate of her health condition. She was suffering from severe headache, toxic goiter, heart failure, osteoporosis, and worst, she felt that she was prematurely ageing fast. Despite that amazing benefits that were told to her of MRI-CMD, she was still skeptical since the product was new to her and it was introduced to her by an unknown person. Since she was suffering from several medical conditions, she opted to try it. Amazingly her physical crises gradually disappeared. She then found hope in her desperate life. Because of the blessings she enjoyed, she decided to share them with others. She then became dealer of MRI-CMD in Naga City establishing JV3 Food Supplement Store. This was the beginning of her advocacy to promote health and well-being to all.